Fort Lauderdale for the Adventurous

What do you crave in a vacation? Not everyone wants to lay by the pool or stand in line all day at an amusement park. A vacation should be about what you love the most, and if you love action and adventure the most, then your vacation should be packed with amazing activities and experiences. If you are looking for just that kind of getaway, look no further than Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This area of the sunshine state has tons to offer the adventurous.

Get to Know Greater Fort Lauderdale

The Fort Lauderdale area is located in Southeastern Florida. There are 23 miles of beaches on the Atlantic. The beaches are clean too. Six of them are Blue Wave Certified by the Clean Beaches Council. This is also a main port of call for cruise ships.

While Fort Lauderdale is known for gorgeous beaches and year round sunshine, Fort Lauderdale is so much more than your typical beach destination. Lovers of art and culture will not be disappointed with the local museums and entertainment. If gambling excites you, there are casinos. This is also a world class shopping destination with several shopping centers offering couture brands, outlets and malls.

As you can see, the greater Fort Lauderdale area is pretty much a one stop shop for anything and everything that any traveler could want. If you are looking for some excitement, you won’t believe all the options available here. Check out all the adventures that await you in Fort Lauderdale. 

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The Adventures

Fort Lauderdale is jam packed with things to do and see. You could spend a week here and not take it all in. We suggest that you research your options, list your favorites in order of priority and then see what you can book within your schedule. Here are some great, adventurous options for you to consider for an exciting trip to the greater Fort Lauderdale area. 

Unique Water Sports

Head on over to South Florida Diving Headquarters. Here you can learn to fly over the water, sort of! Flyboarding is the latest in water sports and it is all the rage. Basically, you strap jets to your feet and take off! It sounds crazy and it kind of is, but it is also seriously fun. You can soar above the water like you are flying, or you can jet through the water at a high speed like a dolphin. The instructors at South Florida Diving Headquarters will have you flying in no time. Wahoo Bay is the perfect place to flyboard with its calm waters. You can’t understand how fun this is until you try it!

For another fun activity on the water that is a little calmer than fly boarding but very athletic, South Florida Diving Headquarters also offers Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP). They describe this sport as a combination of surfing and canoeing with a Hawaiian twist. This type of paddle boarding is a great way to exercise and see the coastline at the same time. It is challenging but you can pick up the technique quickly. It is a great workout for your core and improves balance. If you need low impact activity, SUP is right for you. For a real challenge, try some yoga poses on your paddle board!

Lighthouse Tour

Take a tour of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse on the Intracoastal Waterway. Your guide will meet you at the lighthouse docks. Learn all about the history of this lighthouse and if you dare, climb the 175 stairs for an amazing view.

Surfing Simulator

Are you a seasoned surfer or just someone curious about this classic ocean activity? Either way, you have to try FlowRider, the surfing simulator at the Margaritaville Hotel. FlowRider is the ultimate surfing machine and the closest you can get to the real thing without stepping foot in the ocean. Get your heart pumping as you drop into the incredibly realistic waves created by the FlowRider. If you wipe out, have no fear, as you are safe at all times. FlowRider allows boarders of all ages and skill levels to catch a wave! FlowRider is open to guests of the hotel and the public. 

Explore the Wilds of Fort Lauderdale

South Florida is pretty wild. The Everglades is its own crazy ecosystem full of amazing animals and creepy critters. The airboat tour and animal show at Sawgrasss Recreation Park will give you a first hand experience of this incredible natural world that is like nowhere else on earth. You can take an airboat tour with a highly trained and experienced captain. While zooming through the water, which is a thrill itself, you will learn about the ecosystem and see some wildlife close up. If you are feeling really brave, you can even book a night time airboat tour, when the alligators are the most active. 

In addition to airboat tours, Sawgrass Recreation Park has animal exhibits and shows where you can experience the animals of the everglades in captivity. You can even pet an alligator. Check out the Reptile Exhibit and Show, Glades Exhibit, and Exotic Wildlife Exhibit that includes a Florida panther, black leopards and other small mammals.  


This is not your average kayaking excursion. A Kayak eco-tour with Whiskey Creek Hideout gives you a view of reefs, creeks and mangroves that you can’t get to any other way. Located in John U Lloyd Beach State Park, Whiskey Creek gets its name from the bootlegger history in this state park. Bootleggers hid out in the mangroves when running rum or whiskey during prohibition. Paddle right through and learn all about the incredible natural environment here from your expert guide. Kayaking gets you so close that you truly feel like you become a part of this world. 

Horseback Riding

Tradewinds Park and Stables is an expansive park in the area with tons of sports and activities. Taking a guided horseback riding tour of the park is a great way to see everything available for the adventurous in Tradewinds Park. The guided rides are offered on weekends and holidays. As you tour the park, you will see all the other activities available here and you will probably make note of the things you want to come back and try next time.

The activities in Tradewinds Park include:

  • Disc Golf
  • Fishing
  • Athletic Fields
  • Butterfly World
  • Educational Farm
  • Model Steam Train Rides

As you can see, Fort Lauderdale is anything but boring. Choose your adventures and book your trip to Fort Lauderdale right away! 

Accommodations and Dining

While you are coming to the greater Fort Lauderdale area to quench your appetite for adventure, you still need some amazing accommodations and restaurants to complete your experience.  

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

Your stay at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort is perfect for your adventurous vacation. This resort is exciting and casual, embodying everything that you expect from South Florida. You escape the ordinary here. Margaritaville is a full service resort and entertainment complex. Even staying here is an adventure! There are water sports on site like the FlowRider surfing simulator. There are two pools with waterslides that are family friendly and a rooftop pool and bar for adults only. If you are traveling with kids, they will have a blast in the Parakeet’s Kid’s Club. On the oceanfront portion of the resort, enjoy the Boardwalk, a path perfect for walking, cycling, rollerblading and running. Live bands are always performing at the resort at different venues around the property! 

Places to Eat

Landshark Bar and Grill at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort – Dine al fresco overlooking the ocean. Landshark Bar and Grill offers a mix of food inspired by classic beach bars. As expected at a place called Margaritaville, the drinks are great here as well. 

15th Street Fisheries – Here you will have the freshest seafood served while you experience the city’s most famous marina, the Lauderdale Marina. You must eat here to truly experience this part of the world. 

Quarterdeck Restaurant – This seafood bar and neighborhood grill will not disappoint. Offering a variety of foods and an atmosphere that makes you want to stay and hang out, this is a great casual place for a delicious meal. 

Cap’s Place – Cap’s is a national landmark! It was a casino and speakeasy in the 1920s. You can have exceptional seafood here and experience local history. For over 85 years, Cap’s has been a premier waterfront restaurant in South Florida. This place is just plain good!

What are you waiting for? Your adventure will begin the second you arrive. So book your trip to the greater Fort Lauderdale area, pick the adventures that suit you and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime. Even if you aren’t normally an adventurous person, we dare you to step outside your comfort zone and try some new things. Live life to the fullest in Fort Lauderdale!

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