German Christmas Markets in Photos

german christmas markets in photos female travel blog

German Christmas markets envelop you with holiday spirit, beautiful lights, uplifting music, delectable smells and hundreds of gifts and colors everywhere.  I spent two weeks over holidays exploring Christmas Markets all over Europe and here are the photos that I had the privilege to capture at  Christmas Markets in Stuttgart and Black Forest.

Female travel blog German Christmas market

What not to miss at German Christmas Markets?

  • Warm socks and gloves and the yummy loose teas. Don’t forget to get those when you visit, you won’t regret it.
  • German  Gluhwine and hot cocoa
  • Bread, more bread and more bread, slathered with cheese and topped with sausages- that’s a German specialty
  • Unique gift and souvenirs to bring home
  • Tip: Before you start drinking beer, scout out bathrooms, they are not either to find, neither are they free
  • German Christmas Markets often have an indoor food market portion
  • Ice Skating rink! Not all of them have it, but it’s always fun to skate around after stuffing your face
  • Don’t forget the  photos. Avoid flash, use low shutter speed and arrive early before it’s too dark
  • Don’t overload on sugar. It’s easy to do!
Female travel blog German Christmas market

Which German Christmas markets to visit?

Every major city has a big Christmas Market that you can enjoy, but my favorite are the small local ones, where you can mingle and chat with the residents and vendors, set in the coolest spots, like the Christmas market in the Ravenna Gorge in Black Forest. This market is set in a gorge underneath a lit bridge that has trains rush by every few hours.

Large City Christmas markets usually span a huge area with hundreds of vendors of all kinds and the decorations become the attraction and a competition to the extreme. To think that they go through all that work to set up the booths just for a few weeks is unfathomable but I guess that’s what Christmas is all about, going above and beyond in celebrating the season!

Take a tour through German Christmas Markets with me!

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